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Clapping Audience


This session with Delphia was so encouraging to me.  It gives me direction in where to start and things to help my plan be successful!

Delphia talked about promoting the D&I initiatives and strategies throughout the employee life cycle - - that is great to hear! No one has presented this information in such a concise manner yet!

Loved Delphia's presentation.  One of the most helpful of all so far.  So many practical tips outlined clearly.  I feel way more organized in approaching this effort and grateful to have this roadmap.

Well presented with professionalism.  

This was an informative presentation about real actions and strategies we can use to grow our DEI initiatives. Thank you!

Delphia provides a great platform to listen, speak and participate in topics that I would normally be reserved in an open setting

Delphia’s work is a great addition to any organization. She knows how to facilitate conversations in a way that people feel safe and will share more.

Thank you Delphia – this session was great and enlightening.


I thought Delphia was very proficient in the material she taught and presented it in a way that was easy to understand and thought-provoking.

Thank you, Delphia!  this was a very helpful program!

Delphia was focused in moving the session along while making sure everyone was able to discuss and voice their opinions. This made the session efficient in using time while keeping all participants involved and focused.

"This presentation was the most practical and useful on this topic.  I cannot wait to share this information with my team!"

I felt very comfortable sharing in this environment and like that Delphia encouraged participants to share their thoughts and opinions and gave room for them to do so.

This is a very effective training to have a good understanding of DE&I, how to organize and start the DE&I program in a company.  Great job and thank you for your expertise!

Delphia, thank you again for being our speaker today.  You certainly gave people food for thought and left us with great insights and action steps. Our employees have declared that they want more time with you!

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